Countdown of eminent condemned people for the 2015 year

2015 will be remembered as a year with a reasonable number of bloody events. Maybe not like the 9/11, whose year (2001) is sometimes omitted until got forgotten, but for sure some contradictions reached critical points. Here a modest suggestion for a tentative list of the 10 most evil characters of the year.

# 10 – Russian Airplane in Sinai, Egypt

Airplane crushes go as the leitmotiv nowadays. Once upon a time naval cruisers triggered countries to enter global wars (i.e. US in WWI); nowadays powers communicate with air crashes. In this episode, ISIS tells Mr. Putin that Al Sisi is not totally in control of his Country.


# 9 – Ukraine, still the huge buffering pillow between Russia and Central Europe

Although happened in 2014, the death of Dutch people flying toward Malaysia via Ukraine (or Russian Federation?!) skies is still not clear. Who is the motherfucker who fired a civil plane? And who is so clever to decide to fly over there? When I was a teenager an Italian Encyclopedia made an advertisement on TV: a Soviet astronaut landed down to “Mother Russia” and a female peasant replied: “What the hell! This is Ukraine!” Meanwhile the travel of the astronaut, USSR fell and even many other countries were born (i.e. Slovakia, in the ad) and that’s why people had to update their encyclopedia. After a little more than 20 years, the same woman has no answer about what happened.


# 8 The perfect Islamist kamikaze air crash

Still with Malaysia airlines, a plane flying to China just disappeared. None know where it exactly crashed, but the most likely hypothesis is that the two pilots wanted to kill all the infidel Chinese and, probably, wanted to underline their credo: “democracy is dead” (see pic). In this case my complain is against the international rules: how can a plane disappear?! Why can’t human kind rescue a black box in any dot of the Ocean? But even more urgent: how the hell companies recruit pilots?


# 7 Yep, how the hell Human Resources work in airplane companies?

That’s what I thought as the German Andreas Lutz came out to be depressed after having suicide himself with an entire crowded plane. How can Germany, the country of “Technological Supremacy”, morality, goodwill to teach other countries around how to rule oneself, let a depressed drive a plane? Western culture is pretty weak if compelled to answer these questions… Or perhaps it is just wrong that there is so much supremacy in technology (see Volkswagen affair) and moral superiority (see the implications of German banks in Greece’s bankrupt) in Germany.


# 6 – The devotion to Mammon at the Holy See

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, one of the most influential Bishops at the Holy See, fell into a scandal this year. Probably many people outside Italy, having no obligation to follow the predications of these people in public television broadcasters, were not reached by the news. After the scandal, he “realized to have damaged a hospital” and ordered a bank transfer of 150.000,00€ from his personal cash account to refund the hospital. Dedication to human affairs became devotion to mammon sometimes, it is clear. However, a pic tells more than 1000 pages of documental-books. Here you may appreciate the previous Pope Benedictus XVI covering his face from the sight of Bishop Bertone. A coincidence? People who like conspiracy theories will say “no!”

cardinal Bertone

# 5 – Charlie Hebdo, the overcome event

The 2015 started by storm with the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Despite being the perfect candidate to the #1 of this New Years Eve’s countdown, it dropped down “because of their own success”, one may ironically say. Their strategy got a rapid development and the theological deep implications of iconoclasm lays apart from all this banal mess.

Three Terrorists Killed, 1 At Large

# 4 – The double version of vanity

Not so differently from #2, here one of the lady who would pretend to change the Western world, unveils herself. Like other people, they are from the middle-lower social classes such as Italian terrorists in 70s (red or black, no differences) came from middle-upper classes and pretended to represent the lower classes. Vanity prevails the Islamic veil in two meaning: first because she was used to be narcissist before her “conversion” (on the left); second, the Islamic veil doesn’t cover her persistent vanity (on the right) and incapability in having an adult role in society, that Western society that gave her a decent life.


# 3 – The Egyptian Police slaughter against poor tourists

It is clear that the Tunisian massacres met all the criteria for this countdown, but I’d like to underline to what extent legal and “good” forces are ineffective sometimes. In Egypt, police misunderstood tourists with ISIS militants and they killed all of them. One reason more to postpone any intention to visit those countries in these times.


# 2 – Purposely I don’t put the main Paris attack as the number one. I don’t even want to give them the satisfaction to be such important. They are the lice of the Western peripheries, a byproduct of a wrong acceptation of urbanism, development, social emancipation and integration. Their understanding of themselves is very poor as many of them serve as foreign fighters to actually export once again the Western waste in other places (i.e. Syria), whereas they believe to be part of some alternative, namely some extremist Islam. In this pic, one may appreciate the stupidity in jester mode of one of the species. Very different from Ayatollah Khomeini or other persons devoted to the Obscure Force.


# 1 – The utmost “daughter of a pimp”

If “son of a bitch” is pretty used worldwide, for gender equality I would like to coin “daughter of a pimp” to express the same concept of “asshole” or “jerk”. In this case we are still in European Union, Nobel prize for peace, more specifically in Hungary. Journalist Mrs. Petra Lazlo gets my top award as “closest damned character to Lucifer in 2015”. As a compatriot of Dante Alighieri I have no doubts that He would have agreed with me: this person went beyond any excuses in behaving like that, and must be condemned to a proper doom. For her, infinite stumbles of her own will happen at any step, but the condemnation is not just that. She will be destined to be helped by other people and she will be forced to realize to what extent she was an asshole, until one day she will finally redeem herself by acknowledging her wrong attitude, becoming hence a different person, a person with a regained soul.


This video grab made on September 9, 2015 shows a Hungarian TV camerawoman kicking a child as she run with other migrants from a police line during disturbances at Roszke, southern Hungary. After the footage appeared, the camerawomen was fired on September 8 by N1TV, an internet-based TV station close to Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party. The woman, later named as Petra Laszlo, can be seen tripping a man sprinting with a child in his arms, and kicking another running child in two separate incidents. The scenes took place as hundreds of migrants broke through a police line at a collection point close to the Serbian border where thousands have been crossing over each day for the past month. AFP PHOTO / INDEX.HU

We got married and “pregnant” in 2015. In 2016 our daughter is supposed to be born. My aim will be to start from Heaven instead from Hell, like Dante did. I want to tal