Epitaph of Dave #Cameron #Brexit #BigBye

Go Little Dave

Go if you dislike to stay

Go, cause you can’t arrive to us

Go somewhere if you want to leave

Go if you can’t come into a pig’s ear

Go to European Union, for the last time

And Leave it soon

Then don’t go home, 10 D. street

It is not free from charge for you anymore

Pass perhaps via Panama,

Where the monies wait for you

Go, Dave the Scottish,

To the Highlands

To get the claps from independents

Who couldn’t get a better assist

To leave them the UK for real

Go, Little Dave,

Go to well and equally shared


Go and select well

I recommend the Country that sings

“Paix – Travail – Patrie”

Where for others and your safety

People won’t understand you

As they speak frog-French,

unless you got with you

Monsieur Farage too

Who’s leaving the EU stipend soon

Go, Dave, to Cameroon


p.s. Please people from Cameroon accept my apologizes if I used your Country as a term of joke. I truly respect the “Country of Lions”, at least since 1982, when Italy and Cameroon had a draw in Spain during World Championship. You also have a wonderful flag.


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