The Psychodrama goes on #Brexit

The Psychodrama of Brexit is going on. Spep by step. Today The Guardian (see link below) publishes an article stating that foreign experts will not be used regarding Brexit topic. This decision is totally legitimate. Could a Country of NATO receive a consultancy about one’s defense from a Russian citizen? I don’t think.

My point is: why UK is believing that foreign people would be hostile in this issue? My only answer is that UK in this moment is considering anyone who is not UK citizen as a person who cannot be trusted. I’d like to know if an Anglo-Saxon expert (an Australian, a US or a Canadian), or one from an Embassy nearby Trafalgar Square (usually they are Commonwealth Countries) would be trusted or not.

This simple post just to say that none of the politicians in Europe – at the best of my knowledge – has ever considered UK in a hostile way. This is a divorce claimed by UK, whereas the other Countries are in tears or at least worried. The (rest of) Europe is just sadly ackwnoledging this will and this stance.  EU is also waiting for the claim of Article 50 (the postponing of the date is part of the Psychodrama). If there is something you can be sure of, I would be happy (and not the only one) if this article will never be triggered.

p.s. The only funny news this week is the fight at the European Parliament between the two UKIP politicians. Hard to know why they were still there instead of in UK.


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