Italian San Remo Festival 2017: Occidentalis Karma

Since the 50s of last century, the new democratic Italian Republic had a new mantra: a competition for popular songs held in the tiny city of San Remo, Liguria. It is always organised in February around San Valentino and like any other Italian tradition, Italian people are unified in deep division. Like for Guelfi vs. Ghibellini, Fascists vs. anti-Fascists, Communists vs. Anti-Communists, Coppi vs. Bartali, pro vs. cons the current National Football Head Coach, Blonds vs. Brunettes etc. “Il Festival di San Remo”, aka “The Festival of the Italian Song” divides people. Italian widespread diffusion of television is due to this event mostly. In this case people are divided between those who love to watch it on television from one side, and those who can’t suffer it as it would poorly represent innovation or for whatever the reason. I belong to those who can’t watch it. It’s too slow for me, too much a gala event, too many VIPs. Although many believe winning songs have the malediction to be shortly forgotten and many not-winning singers affirm to don’t care it that much, at the end of the day all the Italian singers in their life want to participate and to win.

It is also reckoned that many original songs represent the spirit of the time. As a sociologist I believe this is quite true, but I don’t have time enough to develop by year all the songsĀ . The winning song of 2017 “Occidentalis Karma” {Westerners’ Karma} is particularly fit with the current times and I really like it as it proposes an ironic critique against post-truth democracies and the vicious role Web2.0 has had to develop silly behaviours based on non-sense and intellectual ignorance.

The video posted below has the English subtitles (at the moment over youtube it has less than 10000 hits; Italian versions reach 30.000.000 hits).

My question for this post is the following. Post-truth driven by web2.0 false news and self-referring networks: cui prodest (apart from companies dealing the platforms)?