Donald Trump, Batman and the Colonel Gaddafi

I truly believe Donald Trump is Batman in person. They both base their charisma on the real very glue of America (USA only, but, you know, they don’t see the difference): money. It is also the real source of their superpowers. They are both dark, they both have only one trusted person to rely on (Robin and Mr. Pence respectively). They believe to be able to fight villains bypassing rules, regulations, civilized methods (aka police etc.). They dress both a mask in public, and Matt Groening is my source in this for the sparkling flamboyant blond one of the two; I assume batman has a mask, but I don’t have time to search for evidence. But this is not my point today.
My point is that I watched Donald Trump somewhere recently in a strange funny stance which reminded me somebody else who I couldn’t remember promptly. Below the pic.


After a good while I realized who is (was..) it the mate: Mr. Colonel Gaddafi in his very last days. {Yep, I may admit that Gaddafi used this stance also during the Green Revolution, but don’t ruin my point, please}.

gheddafi pugni chiusi

I am not a psychologist, but I’d say that this pose means something like: “I know I am done, but I will never admit it, and I also will deny anything else that it a truism, especially if it is related to the point that the world is too hot or getting too hot: Libya on the contrary is so pretty cold indeed that my hands would freeze if I opened my palms. Both Miss Universe from Amazonia and Miss Amazon from the Universe agree”. The only problem here is that it is too long for twitter.

Is Donald Trump going to survive himself politically as Gaddafi was not able?


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